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Investment Strategy – Step 3

Step 3: Plan Your Asset Allocation Because it is so important, asset allocation is the first investment decision. During this process, we establish your attitude to risk to then determine how much of your portfolio to invest in each of the different investment types,...

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Investment Strategy – Step 2

Step 2: Set Your Long-Term Investment Objectives Taking into account the long-term nature of successful investing, we set objectives for your portfolio that are appropriate for your willingness, ability and need to take risk; and the investment horizon(s) you...

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Why have an Investment Strategy Document?

As with any investment made in life — a family, a home, a university education—the best results are achieved by carefully constructing a plan and then following that plan consistently over time.  A well-crafted investment plan and investment policy statement...

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SMSF – Trustees & Members

What is a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF)? A superannuation fund is a tax structure (like a company, trust or partnership) but one that has a specific purpose – it is designed to be used to save for retirement. An SMSF is simply a special type of...

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