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To Hike or not to Hike? Now that is the question.

Economists are at odds over whether the Reserve Bank of Australia should suspend rate hikes in April or raise the cash rate by another 25bps, as the RBA confronts how to bring inflation down with higher interest rates while not sending the economy into recession. The...

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Volatility Ahead

The last 16 months have been very volatile for equity investors, with significant falls in January, June and September of 2022, offset by gradual recoveries in the other months of the year. More recently, bank failures in the US and Europe have led to another bout of...

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The Pros and Cons of Investing in Gold

In times of market stress, investors may consider buying gold. Doing so can potentially benefit some people, depending on their financial situation and preferences. But not everyone wins from buying gold, especially when the investment is made from panicking rather...

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