Launching Scientiam !

Scientiam is our new online portal for superannuation and investments. Ideal for family and friends who may be younger or not as complex or just don’t have time for meeting. #online#superannuation#fintech


Arch Capital Update – Friday, 30 October 2020

Launching Scientiam!

Today’s update is a bit different and is all about a new business we have launched, complimentary to
Arch Capital, called Scientiam. So, what is it?
Scientiam is an online access portfolio to Dimensional funds and model portfolios. Now why would I
do that? Is it crazy? It’s not. The reason I created this business is because a lot of clients over the last
20 years I’ve been in the industry have always asked for a similar sort of investment experience for
their kids, grandkids or other relatives. The legislation in this industry in many ways is really good, but
it has made it difficult to look after perhaps younger and smaller clients in the same way we would like
to, because it just increases the cost.

So what we did over the past couple of years is think about building this company. It has taken a bit of
time getting through all the hoops such as compliance, due diligence, making sure it all works and
working close with other big providers. And here it is!

Scientiam is now officially launched. Scientiam is intelligent online investment and superannuation. If
you like the way we invest for you, then this is ideal for other family members who either don’t have
the time to go through our processes or don’t need it as they aren’t quite as complex and don’t need
that personal one on one relationship. You can still communicate with me and the team through the
website however, it is in a very limited capacity. Ideally, most people will be sourcing their information
online but there is points to have conservations as well.

It is really exciting and even though it is early days, we have had a pre-launch and already have some
customers on-board and it is all working really well. I look forward to fielding more of your questions
about it.

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