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Merry Christmas from Arch Capital

Merry Christmas from Arch Capital


Arch Capital Update – Wednesday, 23 December 2020
Merry Christmas from Arch Capital

Well, here we are, 23rd of December and its lockdown on the Northern Beaches. We are back to
working from home, other than me, it’s pretty safe in here on my own.
We’d like to thank you all for your support through what has been an incredible year. Obviously it has
been scary at times, there was hope that things were getting better and now we are suddenly back
into a lockdown on the Northern Beaches. Thankfully, everyone here including family, contacts and
close people we know in the area aren’t affected other than having to spend a few days at home. It
could be a lot worse, as we all know.
From the team here at Arch Capital, who I was hoping to have here with me on this video, thank you.
We hope you all have a great Christmas, we are sorry for those that can’t be together and let’s hope
2021 is a healthy, happy and safe year for everyone.
It’s been a big year at Arch Capital. Of course we launched the book only a week or so ago, and I
hope for those that have had a look at it you’ve enjoyed it and we can get some more copies of that
out in the New Year. It is also available on Amazon and Booktopia now.
Have a great Christmas and New Year from all of us at Arch Capital and we look forward to speaking
to you in the New Year.
A reminder that the office is closed for the next week or so, but we will be monitoring email and
messages if anything is urgent.
Thank you.


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