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Superannuation growth strategies for 2021

Superannuation growth strategies for 2021

So how is 2021 shaping up?

For many its relief, for many, there is still a lot of uncertainty

Here are a few tips to keep your superannuation on track no matter what happens!

1              Review your fund’s investment allocation

–              Check how much you have in shares, cash, property, and bonds

This is called your asset allocation and has a big impact on your future growth potential

In short growth, sectors are typically shares and property, but they can be volatile so you need to make sure you are comfortable and have enough time to withstand any market downturns

2              Review of what you are invested in

Do you have any ore fence egg to more sustainable investments?

Do you want to invest in more global shares?

Do you want to invest in more stable investments like cash and bonds?

3              Review your costs

Did you know many Australians still pay high costs and it can be hard to work out?

Your stamen should show you, but you can enquire online or call your provider

4              Review insurances attached

Many funds have insurance as part of the product, but you may be unaware or even unsure

Do you need this cover? Do you need more?

5              Consider contributions

Depositing on your circumstances contributing more can be a good strategy to build up your fund and can also be tax-effective

You may need the advice to understand how this works

6              Consider starting a pension

If you are over 60 years old ( even if you are still working ) commencing an income stream or otherwise called pension account may be worthwhile. This will enable you to  draw additional income and can also be tax-effective

You may need advice to understand how this works best for you

Well, that is just the start, I hope it’s helpful!

If you feel uncertain, then let’s help you create greater certainty

At Arch Capital we have tools to help you plan online or you can talk with a real advisor

2021 – Make smart decisions with your money.

At Arch Capital we are passionate about making sure the client comes first.

The good news is there is a better and far smarter way to invest. It’s using the research from academia, what we call the academic advantage.

It’s your future.

Here’s to smart planning and investing using science not guesswork.


Nigel Baker

Arch Capital


Now is better than tommorrow. Take some action today and book some time to discuss your financial future.

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