Arch talk.

The outlook is now better!


Hi and welcome to today’s Arch Capital update.

Here we are, about two weeks into working from home and at this stage the markets really have seen some of the heaviest falls and to where we are now.

Surprisingly though, the outlook now is better than it has been for the last few weeks. We have seen government stimulus packages; we are now more aware of the threat to our investments than we did a few weeks ago and this amounts to a better outlook.

However, there are still some huge uncertainties and we’re here to acknowledge that and making sure that we are aware of that and that you are aware of that.

Where we are at there has been a lot of government announcements, we are communicating a lot of those through to our clients affected – of course if there are any questions surrounding this, please reach out we will go through in detail what these announcements mean for you.

Currently not all the packages have been completely mapped out by the Treasurer, so some businesses are I am sure are wondering what is going on. As soon as we know, as I said we will pass on the announcements that apply to you.

We are here to help you from both an investor and a retiree point of view. We have come into this; I think pretty well structured. Obviously, no one likes to say that their values go down, but we have got great diversification, we had pretty good exposure to cash and least interest relevant to each client’s circumstances and we will all come out of this.

I have had some really good conversations with the dimensional trading team, some of their very senior people globally, I have had conversations with the Vanguard global team, all providing lots and lots of information. I am really confident that we’re going to come out of this okay.

We will begin to look at the re-balancing opportunities that are available and start to look at what the future looks like.

I do also want to talk about the mental side of this. For a lot of people, it’s very different now to what it was a few weeks ago or a bit isolated. Some people are inside for extended periods, trying to juggle work and family and there is a great deal of uncertainty, so be aware of it. Make sure you look after yourself, physical exercise I believe is a great way to resolve it.

We understand that there is a lot to worry about and about what is going to happen next. We don’t always have all the answers, but we do know we are well structured.

Across the next week or two we will be sending out quarterly reports and of course your first reaction to that could be “I didn’t think it was this bad” or “no, its not as bad as I thought” who knows.

What is important is to think about the emotional side of that and to not be reactive.

I think the outlook from here is a lot better we’ve come of the last couple of weeks which has been really tough. It is still going to be very volatile, but as I said, the outlook form here is good. We have all the stimulus in place and that is actually pretty good, and the other side does not look too bad.

We are always here, is we have not had a chat by now and I am assuming we already have, please do reach out. Look forward to speaking with you.  


Now is better than tommorrow. Take some action today and book some time to discuss your financial future.

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