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Everything Arch Capital does is aimed at helping clients in the best possible way by using our expertise and industry experience.

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Mona Vale Office

We have two locations in Sydney.

Suite 35
90 Mona Vale Road
Mona Vale NSW 2103
Phone: +61 2 9905 9001


Sydney CBD Office


Level 36
1 Macquarie Place
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: +61 2 9905 9001

You can reach us at either of our two office locations across Sydney.
We look forward to helping you.

The team

We have a brilliant team to ensure our service is of high quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions.

How much does a financial planner cost?

After our discovery meeting we will provide you with a terms of engagement At Arch Capital we charge fees for the initial and any additional strategy advice, and ensure that your investment costs are world class and very reasonably priced

How do financial planners get paid?

All staff at Arch Capital are rewarded via salary, with owners also remunerated via distributions or profits form the business Staff are also offered employs shares . We do not accept or use products that reward us via commission or any form of conflicted remuneration.

What is value based investing?

At Arch Capital we use evidence and science as a basis for constructing portfolios rather than trying to guess what will happen or using investment managers that typically make bets and charge higher fees The benefit to you is greater certainty reliability, better chance of success and lower costs

Where can Nigel and the team you meet for meetings?

 We have offices in Mona Vale and Sydney CBD, and can of course meet via an online meeting