Evidence-based investment management in Sydney

Are you picking up the right stocks with the right knowledge?

If you’re an investor living in Sydney, it’s important to make sure your money is being managed in a way that is backed by evidence. That’s where an evidence-based investment management approach comes in. Here at Arch Capital, we take a data-driven approach to investing, which means that we rely on research and objective information to make our decisions. This allows us to maximise returns for our clients while minimising risk.

Many investors are looking to outperform the market.

The financial landscape of investing can be confusing and daunting to many potential investors. Which stocks should they invest in? What managers should they select, and why?

An investor who does not have a solid understanding of investing may make poor decisions that can lead to a bad speculative investment.

Many inexperienced investors are also exposed to many media agencies, websites and news outlets who promote new financial products and “hot stocks” without the consideration of each and every individual’s personal circumstances. As a result, many retail investors end up with a risky investment.

The financial landscape is a vast and complex area which should be guided by a certified financial adviser who will help you build wealth that are tailored to your needs and current financial situation.

Arch Capital can help you with finding the right evidence-based investment in Sydney. We adhere to an evidence-based investment philosophy to create a safe, objective-based investment while minimising risk as much as possible. We accept that markets are fickle, but their rewards can be realised if you set a long-term goal and stick to it.

Arch Capital does not take needless risks or adopt unproven tactics; instead, we depend on strong analysis, historical data and our 20+ years experience that has brought a positive result to many of our clients here in Sydney and nearby areas.

When investing for clients, we have a five-step process that we follow

– A belief in financial markets.

– Risk and reward are linked.

– Diversification helps to lessen investment risk.

– Performance is determined by asset allocation.

– Keeping disciplined on our strategy

What are the benefits of evidence-based investing?

Cost savings: Evidence-based investing entails trading less and keeping a diverse range of low-cost funds, which helps to reduce trading expenses. Furthermore, lowering investment fees using an evidence-based strategy leads to higher returns.

Improved focus: It’s easy to get captivated by trendy stocks, but emotional or reactionary investing can lead to financial blunders. An evidence-based strategy filters out the noise, allowing customers to focus on the long-term objective.

A formula that is repeated

Evidence-based investment is a long-term strategy. The framework is repeatable, which means it can be implemented again whenever a client is ready to invest. The data upon which the guidelines are founded should also be based on repeated investigations so that the outcomes are not due to chance.

Back-test the data

We have a long-term historical dataset to analyse and approve our evidence-based approach that allows us to backtest portfolios and use risk-return scenario analysis, and stress-testing positions to achieve optimal results.

With actual evidence, you can achieve your financial objectives.

We create investment portfolios based on decades of empirical facts and Nobel Prize-winning economic study. Our purpose is to capture capital market returns to provide you with a long-term financial advantage.

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