Wealth Management In Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Wealth management is a tricky affair. Many people are sceptical about hiring financial planners that can
manage their wealth and provide long-term results in terms of financial goals. And rightly so, trusting
someone with your life’s work and all your resources is a testing act.

Hiring a financial planner, even if they’re highly reputed, can involve some hesitation. At Arch Capital,
we understand that your investments are your life’s security resort. Every professional at Arch Capital
only fetch the best results and outcomes for our clients who put their trust in us. With our expertise and over 20 years of industry experience, we tread the path of investments not with speculations and
guesswork; but with pure facts and in-depth market research!

It is often the case when people lose big chunks of their money in investments because of ‘bad luck’ or
decisions taken by their planners or advisors solely based on chance and guesswork. When things go
south, none of the investors is compensated for their loss which will leave a long-time scar on their life
and future planning. We aim to eliminate risks that don’t hold potential and only go ahead with those that provide positive expected returns.

If you’re looking for professionals that bear great market experience and expertise in the investment
market, reach out to Arch Capital and let us embark on a journey that will only provide fruitful results!

Signing Up With Arch Capital For Wealth Management In Sydney’s Northern Beaches

We believe that you should be informed at every step of the way about what step we take and why we
think our decision is the best at that point in time. Our knowledge and rigorous investment philosophy
make it possible for us to pay attention to every tiny detail which might make a difference. The world’s
best academic research are explored and studied by us to ensure that every client with Arch Capital has
their portfolio constructed with science and facts and not just guesswork.

Here is our 5 step client meeting process:

Discovery Meeting

• Conducting a discovery interview
• Identifying challenges that the client is facing
• Addressing goals and aspirations
• Finding ways to maximise the possibility of reaching targets

Strategy And Investment Meeting

• Presenting our analysis of the client’s situation at present
• Recommendations on how to bridge gaps

Mutual Commitment Meeting

• Discussing clients goals and present situation
• Discussing initial ideas
• Prepare terms of engagement if we can add value

Statement of Advice Meeting.

• Discussing the investment plan and implementation in detail
• Deciding on long-term plans

Regular Process Meeting

• Reviewing any changes in the current situation
• Making adjustments to investment plans
• Review progress
• Implementing advanced planning recommendations


What is wealth management?

A planner or advisor that performs the act of managing a client’s complete wealth holistically for
a set fee is known as wealth management.

What is an example of wealth management?

Investment management, including hedge funds, money markets, legal services and estate
planning are examples of wealth management.

What is the process of wealth management?

You can explore the wealth management process at Arch Capital in the information stated above.

What does a wealth management fund do?

A wealth management fund addresses the needs of a client in the long term and finds best
practices to fulfil those needs.