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Are you about to retire ? This is how we help clients transition and ensure they have peace of mind

Helping clients retire with peace of mind


Arch Capital Update – Friday 18th September 2020

Are you about to retire? This is how we help clients transition and ensure they have peace of mind.
A lot of the work we do at Arch Capital is helping people with the transition to retirement. This is not just about money, but also the mental space of transitioning from a busy working period of your life which has a lot of positive aspects to a situation where you are asking yourself, “What am I going to do? How am I going to adjust?”

When retiring, you may ask yourself “How am I going to live off my money for the rest of my life?” This is where our expertise at Arch Capital comes in and assists you in managing your funds. Particularly in a year like this one, where markets have been volatile and uncertain, if you are retiring now this question can seem even more daunting. Current market conditions may lead you to think, “How am I going to make my money last if markets keep jumping around?”

To navigate this issue we look at the period leading up to retirement. Sometimes retirement can be sudden, but often there will be a few years where we can discuss how things are going to look ahead. If you know someone or you yourself are just about to retire, or it has been forced upon you due to the pandemic, this is an opportunity where we at Arch Capital can really help.

When looking at retirement, none of us know how long we are going to be on the planet for. What we can look at however is how the money we have will get us through this period and how much money do we need to spend. To answer these questions we look at a number of factors such as what it will likely cost to live in retirement, how much money people spend and any additional likely expenses such as travel, home renovations, replacing cars and helping out kids and grandkids.

In analysing these costs we look at quite an extended period from the point of retirement. Most of our clients tend to retire around the early 60’s to mid-60’s with some a bit earlier and some a bit later, and we really aim map out the time frame from retirement and put things into perspective, focusing on what we can control.

Investment markets are always going to go up and down over time. Our aim is to give clients the peace of mind that they are going to be okay. This is done by working out the strategy that is going to allow clients to have the cash flow they need, utilise tax laws to minimise tax as best we can and make sure clients do not have to worry about the ups and downs of investment markets. All they have to worry about is having a great retirement, and that’s our job.

So if we can do that and give you peace of mind, or anyone you know, then that’s what we are here to do and that’s what we do a lot of.

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