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SMSF – Trustees & Members

What is a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF)? A superannuation fund is a tax structure (like a company, trust or partnership) but one that has a specific purpose – it is designed to be used to save for retirement. An SMSF is simply a special type of...

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What are the key superannuation changes for this year?

There are 3 certainties in life, death, taxes and superannuation changes! For 2021/2022 there have been a few changes made to the superannuation system that you may have missed in all the Covid chaos, so here they are! How much can I contribute? There are 2 common...

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Financial Advice Specifically For Women

For many, the thought of managing money is daunting. We are not taught this skill, and there are so many stories of people being "ripped off", scam's, dodgy advisers and on the flip side "friends" who have hot tips, a friend's husband who "trades shares and does well"...

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Why are we wired to make bad investments?

Why are we wired to make bad investments?

“The market is full of people who think they can beat the market, and full of people who believe them. This is one if the greatest mysteries of finance. Why do people believe they can do the impossible? Why do other people believe them?” – Daniel Kahneman As humans,...

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