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Are rising interest rates good or bad?

The major news this week was that the Reserve Bank of Australia increased the cash rate by 0.25% to 0.35%. Is this a good or bad thing? For retirees perhaps it's good. Growth has driven the return for portfolios for a while,...

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Saving for a House Deposit

Housing prices have soared in recent years and made it much more difficult to save for deposit on a house. However, it is still possible to purchase your first home if you’re disciplined in your saving habits and utilise the Australian government’s first home buyers’...

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Reduce Debt to Increase Your Wealth

Debt is very tempting at low rates In the low interest rate environment and high house price climate Australians now face, there is a tendency to take on amounts of debt that not so long ago were unthinkable. Average house prices have been soaring in capital cities,...

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