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New Year Resolution

New Year Resolution?

For many this year’s resolution is” let’s just hope 2021 is better than 2020!”

Travelling the world and even interstate or even to the next suburb may be a challenge!

We believe 2021 is great time to review your financial plan.

Do you know how much you need to retire?

DO you have enough super?

Is your super invested properly?

Should you buy property?

Does your partner have the same plan as you? DO you even talk about your plan together?

So here is an idea.

Sit down alone for at least an hour with your partner if applicable.

  • Write down your ages
  • Write down what you would do tomorrow if you were retired. Actually really think about this and write it down. Yes write it down. And then talk about it with yourself or if with your partner talk to your partner. ( this can be quite an amazing conversation)
  • Here are some prompts – where will you travel, where will you live, will you play golf, fish, read more, even write a book?)
  • Estimate what this will cost per annum. 
  • Write down any other goals you have for your family, kids, parents etc.
  • Draw a picture of your life ,( yes I can’t draw either, draw it anyway)


Write down how much you have in financial assets now (bank account, shares, super)


What is your immediate feeling?   

A – Panic! I’m never going to get there!

B – I’m ok but I need to do more to be like my picture

C – I really have no idea. It’s all too hard and confusing

D – Ill be ok, sweet!

If you feel uncertain, then let’s you help create greater certainty

At Arch Capital we have tools to help you plan online or you can talk with a real advisor

2021 – Make smart decisions with your money.
At Arch Capital we are passionate about making sure the client comes first.
The good news is there is a better and far smarter way to invest. It’s using the research from academia, what we call the academic advantage.

It’s your future.

Here’s to smart planning and investing using science not guesswork.

Nigel Baker

Arch Capital


Now is better than tommorrow. Take some action today and book some time to discuss your financial future.

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